Deck Renovation – Mt. Helix, San Diego

What started as a discussion about making a few relatively minor deck repairs for a client in Mt. Helix soon became a major deck renovation project that lasted the entire month of October 2011 and then some. With the help of one part-time assistant I demolished all existing decking, rails and deteriorated sub-structure members and rebuilt the deck in a more structurally sound fashion. The client and her family were THRILLED with the end result!

The view from the deck, on a clear day, can give stunning views of Pacific Ocean and the Coronado Islands in the distance – not to mention the various mountains surrounding the inland valley. The deck is also a great family gathering spot whereby one can observe a tennis match going on below, while simultaneously watching guests frolic in the pool off to the side.  Needless to say, the deck is a valuable asset to this home and renovating it was a necessity!

The slideshow below shows some great BEFORE & AFTER pictures, mostly in that order.

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  • Kurt Schuette  On April 10, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    Very impressive, Steve. You have a talent for the technical, and a flair for the aesthetic! I was impressed by your work ethic when you worked for me recently, which makes you are a valuable asset to any homeowner. Thanks for everything, Kurt Schuette

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