My History

I was born a poor black child…. no, no, no, that’s from the movie, “The Jerk” starring Steve Martin,  I’m Steve Johnson…sorry about that!!!

Seriously, while I do have a great sense of humor I take my work very seriously.  I have years of practical experience in the home-improvement business.

Before moving to the San Diego area I’d started purchasing, fixing and selling old, historically significant homes & buildings in Richmond, VA.  This work then spawned a “word-of-mouth” period of doing complete kitchen renovations and other interesting projects for friends and other clients.  Now, I’d like to do the same for you!

I know where to begin and how it should look in the end…

I’m the man with the BEFORE & AFTER vision!

While the primary focus of my business is home renovation, I am also exploring my artistic side more and more and will eventually participate in some art showings. Feel free to check out some of my creations in the ART PROJECTS sections on the left.

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