Master-suite Renovation

This project was a MAJOR renovation that took quite a while to complete, but after finally getting the old hardwood floors refinished I was able to move my client back into the new master-suite. Originally there were two separate rooms (one was used as a den, the other as the master bedroom). I envisioned one large suite and convinced the client to allow me to remove the dividing wall that separated the two rooms.

One of the many cool features that we incorporated into the new space was instead of installing new hardwood flooring where the wall used to be, I installed 1″x1″ copper tile in the vacant floor space – a very classy touch!

My client had an old door sitting in the back yard for several years and I had a bright idea one day to incorporate this door into the opening of the former entryway of the bedroom… another very unique touch to this now-elegant suite!

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