Major kitchen/living area renovation: Va. Beach, VA

After rehabilitating several properties in the Richmond, VA area I attracted friends and clients that wanted me to tackle some personal renovations for them – which seemed to be almost exclusively major kitchen remodels.

I spent the summer of 2005 living with a long-time friend and her family during the week and some weekends doing such a project.  I had a vision of getting rid of some walls and really opening up the back-end of her home to expose some spectacular views of a marsh behind their home.

This particular project was one of the  last that I tackled in Virginia before moving to San Diego, CA in Sept. 2005.  I’m always happy to go back and visit my handiwork when I’m there.

The following slide-show gives a great BEFORE & AFTER preview of the work… enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NOTE: To manually control the slide-show place your cursor ON any picture (previous, pause, next)



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