Bathroom Renovation – San Diego, CA

Renovating this particular bathroom was QUITE a challenge! There was an extensive amount of electrical work I had to do, but the biggest challenge was to remove a cement/brick wall in order to install a custom pocket door. I also retro-fitted an old antique mirror to custom-build a medicine chest. I turned what was a stationary (non-opening) stained glass window into an operable window using vintage looking hardware.

Obviously, there was a great deal of tile-work done as well. The original tile in the shower stall we kept, as it was in good shape and we loved the colors, so the client and I worked together to find a really rich looking tile selection to go with the shower tile and I designed the tile layout. I have a favorite tile installer that I use for more custom or complex tile jobs, which in this case it was quite complex. We installed a heated floor system, which was a first for me to work with and a great learning experience. I do a lot of tile work myself, but if I have reservations about my ability to do a certain job, then I will defer to a very experienced professional.

Notice the window over the toilet. I built a custom tiled window-ledge shelf that was just an afterthought with some of the left-over floor tile – a VERY cool idea! I also replaced the existing glass with a cool frosted-pattern glass that resembled the pattern in the blue stained-glass window.

My client still raves about this bathroom whenever I see him. We were both very pleased with the finished result!

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