ART PROJECTS! (overview)

I attended Virginia Commonwealth University as an art major in the very early 80’s because I always had a passion and talent for art and wanted to see where that would take me. Well, as it turned out, not very far in the art world.  I ended up copping out on art as a career as I ventured into civil engineering and, later, Information Technology. After fifteen years of that painfully monotonous experience I am now back where I should be – working with my hands and exercising my artistic side.

I’ve always liked painting and drawing, but lately I’ve discovered much pleasure from a combination of painting and sculpture, as you can see in some of my latest pieces.

I must say up front that I am NOT a great photographer – at least the camera that I have won’t allow it. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I’m thinking that as I develop a more extensive portfolio I will probably seek a professional photographer to document my work – so please take that into consideration as you view my work.

I’m also aware of my strengths and weaknesses in art and I’m always working to improve. As art is a lifetime venture for me, it can only get better!

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